In 2013, six cities including Oakland, LA, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta and Toronto will participate in a 6 city Clitoral Mass.  This community bike ride will be organized for and by women and women identified folks* in each city to:

1. Celebrate women of all walks of life and have fun in harmony.

2. Promote women and girls’s physical, spiritual, emotional, financial and sexual wellness.

3. Bring awareness to local and National women/girls organizations. 

  • Each city will identify a local women/girls organization to bring awareness to and potentially raise funds for. 
  • Nationally, Clitoral Mass will bring awareness and pay homage to one indigenous women/girls organization.  

4. Encourage 100’s of women to bike safely and confidently.

*We recognize gender as being complicated and dynamic, so we want to be clear to include women, womyn, trans and queer folks who identify along that spectrum.